Taiji Ann Arbor Tai Chi Taiji
Home Instruction in Chen Style Tai Chi Ch'uan


  • Come in and watch for free.
  • Participate once for free.
  • Tuition for individuals is 
    • $85.00 per each calendar month for five or more visits. 
    • $10 per visit for four or less visits in a calendar month. However we strongly advise a least two visits per week to get the best results from the class.
  • Family rate: 
    • $140.00 per month for two family members, 
    • $170.00 per month for three or more family members.
  • Tuition must be paid the first class that you attend each calendar month.
  • Accepted payment methods
    • Cash
    • Check
      • Make checks out to "Joe Walters"