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Chen-style t'ai chi ch'uan

Silk-Reeling Exercise

Silk Reeling

Suggested Videos

Adam Hsu Chen Style Tai Chi DVD Collection

Adam Hsu Lao Jia
Du Yu Zu Old Frame

Chen Xiao Wang

Suggested Books

Chen Xin Illustrated Canon of Chen Taijiquan

Old Frame Chen Family Taijiquan by Mark Chen

Chen Style Taijiquan: The Source of Taiji Boxing by David Sim & David Gaffney

Chen Style Taijiquan by Feng Zhiquang & Chen Xiaowang

Suggested Articles

Richard Miller Interview, Crazy Wisdom Community Journal Issue #34, September 2006 (pdf)

BA SHI The Eight Basic Stances: The Foundation of Kung Fu By Richard Miller (pdf)

Studies Concerning Tai Chi and Health

National Institutes of Health: Tai Chi and Qi Gong


Taiji/yinyang philosophy: Chungliang Al Huang at TEDxHendrixCollege