Taiji Ann Arbor Tai Chi Taiji
Home Instruction in Chen Style Tai Chi Ch'uan

Joe Walters Instructor: Joe Walters
  • Joe took over leadership of this study group from Richard Miller in 2016. 
  • Joe studied taijiquan with Richard Miller from 1994-2016. 
  • As Richard's student he spent a number of years practicing bajiquan, piquaquan, changquan, and sword forms. Joe trained in Yin Style bagua with Richard and Scott Berry for ten years.

Richard Miller Our Founder 
  • Richard Miller began his training in 1978 in Taiwan under Gao Daoshan. He studied with Adam Hsu in San Francisco from 1979 - 1991. In 1999 he began baguazhang training under He Jinbao of Beijing, China.
  • Richard taught classes in Ann Arbor from 1993 - 2016 at his school, Great Lakes Wushu. 
Great Lakes Wushu
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