AATC About Chen Style Tai Chi

About Ann Arbor Tai Chi

Ann Arbor Tai Chi provides instruction in Chen style tai chi ch’uan (taijiquan); a unique movement art emphasizing inner stillness and relaxation developed through disciplined whole body integration and refined awareness.

Our class is for people looking to improve their strength, flexibility and balance, or seeking to counter the “rat race” by means of an ancient art embodying the serene fluidity of a river.

Chen style tai chi can be traced to its origins during the mid seventeenth century as a martial art and is considered the root of other tai chi styles. Chen style is characterized by silk-reeling movements, and alternating fast and slow motion and bursts of power.

If you are lacking in vigor or feel that you are somehow in decline, tai chi can get your “juices” flowing! Similarly, individuals seeking a powerful, aesthetic art form will find ample stimulation. Tai chi benefits a wide range of people and neither age nor level of fitness is prohibitive.